Utopia Map

The most futuristic architecture from the 60s to 80s in Paris’ suburbs.

The map for urban explorers !
Link to the Utopia photography project.

In 1965, french government decided to create small capitals around Paris in a way to stop the satellite effect of the suburbs. That’s how “the New Créteil” and the new Bobigny were born from, towns in wide fields. Famous artists, architects and urban planners worked together to create super modern administrative cities. Bobigny has been a giant playground for communist architecture. But what looked futuristic yesterday could look has been from today’s point of view.
In a much more spectacular way, Noisy-le-Grand grown in the 80s with the desire of offering a monumental place to live to the poorest people. This appeared after decades of block architecture around the flamboyant city of Paris. Noisy-le-Grand could appear thanks to cheap technics such as moulds, and cheap materials.